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It has been a almost a year since I started my regiment of getting rid of cellulite.  I started with the special cream.  The cream started to get rid of the cottage cheese on the back of my legs. My suffering of ten years had finally started burning away with the greatest of ease.  I have had a lot of success with this cellulite cream. I then took up exercising to help me get my legs toned.  If you read my cellulite workout page you will find out that I am getting really toned with my new 10 minutes a day workout and now my cellulite diet and workout weight loss book!  Feel free to check that page out and learn from my journey of burning leg and butt  fat.  I knew to get the legs I wanted and to get rid of the water weight (the experts call this fluid) I was carrying in my stomach and butt, I had to start eating better.  That is why I started my journey to find the perfect cellulite diet.  This is not just a cellulite diet but it is also a healthy weight loss diet that works!

Just like my workout programs that I discovered, I had a hard time finding a healthy way to lose the final phase of the three step process of cellulite reduction (cream, exercise and diet).  I looked on a very large book site and found an OK book that gave me some good tips about eating well but it really did not do me justice in helping me live a long and healthy life.

When asking my friends to see what they eat to give them the body they wanted and then earned, they referred me to a site to help me make the right choices in food.  It was a special weight loss and cellulite diet that helped them lose weight and body fluid that many of us struggle with even when we do not have our period. Oh that darn period weight, no wonder us women get crabby!

Since starting this special diet, I have felt better, had more energy for my 10 minute and other types of fat burning, cellulite exercises and daily life activities, I do not get bloated and most importantly, I am looking better.  That is right, I really like the way I look now.  My self-confidence has risen from that of a toad to that of Ms. USA (I guess you can now say Mrs :) .

Even after I was firming up my body with exercise and the cellulite cream, I knew I needed more, this healthy weight loss and cellulite diet did wonders for my overall health and body.   I finally have the body I have wanted and I make my husband’s head turn every time I walk by him in my tight jeans or my special nightie just for him.  It makes me feel good inside that I am able to turn him on.

I am happy to say that I am not the only one having success with the cellulite diet.  A lot of people who have taken this weight loss fight fight and cellulite burning program have had similar success.  They too have more energy and have more self confidence.  Their buns and legs are tighter and they have lost a few dress sizes.  They are even getting into their old jeans from high school.  That is from just eating healthier!  Take a look at the reviews to see for yourself.

Cellulite Diet

My Cellulite Diet Book

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Reviews of the Celluliand update existing.com/”>aspects include severalom”>h4 et-social-icon hoverte Diet

I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror! I am 43 and have had cellulite for at least 20 years but I am now on week 12 of the plan and my cellulite is almost gone. My thighs look better than ever. And you know what, it was the best thing I have ever done for myself, and it was the easiest thing I have ever done too. I never knew I could feel this energetic and confident, thank you!”

Lacy R.
Asheville, NC

Our plan was so simple and it worked on my butt which had awful cellulite that I never thought I would ever get rid of. I lost 13 pounds in the first five weeks too. I can’t wait to go clothes shopping now, which I have always dreaded in the past.”

Karen J.
Everett, WA

What Do I Eat in the Cellulite Diet?

I cannot tell you exactly what you eat in the cellulite diet.  You will have to find that out for yourself due to copyright.  I can tell you this that the food you will be eating is delicious, healthful and will give you more energy.  You will not be feeling hungry or even feel you are on a calorie stricken diet.  What could be better?  Besides, I think every one of us loves to eat food. I love the food that I am now eating all thanks to this diet.

What can you not eat on this diet?

I learned a lot from reading this book.  There are foods and drinks that you need to stay away from (I should have known this before but I love to eat).  One of my favorite drinks, I knew I had to give up because it added to my water retaining.  If you need a quick hint about the food to stay away from, just stay off the salty and sugary foods.  That was very hard for me to do as I love chips and salsa.  It is something about salt that makes my mouth salvate in hunger.  As I write this, I want to go grab a bag of chips and dip it in salsa.  Luckily, I do not buy that junk food now. OK, I do but only on special occassions.

I really do not crave that bad food now since eating other delicious, fat burning, healthy foods.  I am glad that my body is looking better.  Getting rid of the cellulite I had is a lot more important than putting junk food in my mouth.  This diet is easy because it tells you both what you should be eating and what not to eat.  You also never feel hungry!

My hint for you today is to drink plenty of water if you want to burn off the ugly cellulite.

Another Review

“I was skeptical that this could work but I was embarrassed about my cellulite that I had to give it a try. At first I wanted to give up because during the first week I was tired and sluggish and my skin totally broke out. I thought I looked worse than ever. But now I know it’s because my liver was getting rid of toxins like you said.

But I stuck with it like you said and I cannot believe the difference. My skin looks great and its even firmer. My cellulite is completely gone and all my clothes are loose. It sounds strange but I don’t even get bad cramps with my period any more and I know it is because I am eating right. Just wanted to say thank you!!”

Kelly M.
Brown’s Point, WA

Order the Cellulite Diet Here

Top Reasons to Get on A Cellulite Diet

  1. You will feel better
  2. Cellulite Diets rock
  3. Have more energy (I feel like the energize bunny and my husband notices the difference)
  4. You will look better (You will lose weight if you stick to the diet)
  5. You will be putting healthy food in your body (Everyone should be putting healthy food in their body)
  6. Fitting in a bikini has become easier
  7. You will be more attractive to yourself and others
  8. Feelings of self confidence will rise to new levels
  9. Your dress size will shrink
  10. Last but not least, you will lose your cellulite once and for all.

Order the Cellulite Diet Here

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