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How I Got Rid of Cellulite

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Get Rid of Cellulite – My Story

Anti Cellulite Cream

How I Used Anti Cellulite Cream to Get rid of Cellulite and to Come Out of My Shell

Ladies, you are not alone. About 90% of us have cellulite one way or another. Our legs could either look like a gallon container of cottage cheese or to a lesser extreme, just a few bumps that only bug us when we look in the mirror. Our significant others probably do not even notice the lesser extent but I am sure they do notice the cottage cheese. Some of us are just destined to horror of the bumps. We feel gross when we look into the mirror at our legs and wish they would just magically disappear. We just want the cellulite to go away. My goal in my blog is to tell you how I got rid of cellulite to inspire you to do the same. My method may not work for you and it is not guaranteed to work for all but it does not hurt to give it a try to get rid of the nasty stuff that is in the back of our legs. We all hate to look at and we want to feel better about our body image.

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My Cellulite Story

Anti CelluliteLike most women, I started developing cellulite too early to be true. I developed the gross bumps when I was 16 years young. It was horrifying, traumatic and every other depressive word under the sun (or should I say a dark moon)! I was at the beach getting my sexy back end all tan. One of my good girlfriends at the time told me that she sees dimple-bumps right under my butt on the top of my legs. I almost started crying right there! At least I could wait until I got home. I cried in my pillow almost the whole night. The body I had when I was 16 years old was not even that bad. I had a flat stomach and a nice firm bubble butt. I would take that body back in a heartbeat, but that is hindsight. I can still envy those pictures I have. Ever since that day, I always looked at my legs to see if my cellulite has gotten worse or if it has gotten better. We have all been in that spot, turning our heads until we ratchet our neck just to see those leg bubbles. I did not have self-confidence about my body anymore. It was an on going battle for me that I felt I could not win. Since my confidence at the beach was now over, my confidence in other places started to slide. When I went to the beach, I wore shorts over my bikini bottoms. I did not want to show off my legs at all! I carried these feelings about my legs into adulthood. At the age of 25, my legs started to get worse as I started my working career. I also started eating unhealthy and I just stopped exercising. My cellulite went from a few bumps to flow blown cottage cheese! At least I had a man that still loved me for me and not my ugly legs. I still wanted to get rid of the bumps though for me and even give my husband something sexy to look at.

How I Got Rid of Cellulite

At the age of 26, I started doing research on how to get rid of cellulite. One of the options was to have surgery. That was not going to happen! My husband and I were (and still are) living on a budget, insurance does not cover it and I was told it was painful! I am not a fan of doctors anyway. Since I was not having luck with my research, I started asking my friends, “How Do I Get rid of Cellulite?” One of my girlfriends with super nice legs (think model like) told me about a cellulite cream she uses. She told me it got rid of her cellulite in 2 weeks! (note.. she barely had cellulite to begin with!) Since it did work on her, I had to give this stuff a try. I was also in a win-win situation. I got a free trial of the special cellulite cream. I was very faithful on putting on my cellulite cream because the last ten years, I was anti cellulite. I followed the directions exactly like using it every day. Low and behold, my legs started getting firmer and the cottage cheese went to small little bumps. There was a difference in just two weeks. After a month, my legs were notably slimmer and my butt was firmer. This cellulite cream was amazing stuff. Why didn’t I discover this anti cellulite cream 10 years ago? My teenage and early twenties would have been much better. I am glad to say that my confidence is much better since using the cellulite cream and I find myself much more attractive. My husband also loves it too. It does make a lot of things better.

Free Trial of Cellulite Cream

You may buy the exact cellulite cream I used below. They are offering a free trial.

Cellulite Free Trial Ofer

Cellulite Cream

When purchasing the cellulite cream I still use today, I looked at a variety factors. One of the factors was ingredients. The cellulite cream that I use has 4 of what I consider healthy ingredients. They are green tea, sea weed, antioxidantscash management account and liposomes. What I have read on other educational websites is that these ingredients are healthy in a way that it firms up the skin and makes us women look like we are younger. We all need that! The cellulite cream I use also contains Aminophyline and peptides. In the research I have done, I found out it helps with fat reduction under the skin surface. When reading these ingredients, I was happy to give the cellulite cream a try. To find out more of my story with using the cream please go to my cellulite cream page that discusses my experiences. Feel free to also post your comments on my posts and your experiences dealing with your nasty cottage cheese. We can have a large community of people filled with similar experiences.

Important Cellulite Cream Ingredients for Anti Cellulite

  • Green Tea
  • Sea Weed
  • Antioxidixents
  • Liposomes
  • Aminophyline
  • Peptides

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Anti Cellulite

Cellulite Cream Testimonial

Great Improvements. It has only been a couple of weeks!

The reason I am writing this blog is I believe strongly that no women should have to suffer with cellulite even though there is nothing medlically wrong with it. My goal is for everyone not to have to deal with the ugly leg and butt bumps. That is why I have started my anti cellulite plan that I am going to share with you. The anti cellulite plan is what I used to tone and firm up my legs. I first started with cellulite cream, then went onto cellulite exercise and then a cellulite diet. I hope sharing my experience makes you do something about your cellulite and start your own anti cellulite campaign. It does not hurt to give it a try!

Cellulite Exercise

I have to admit that the cream I used did a lot to get rid of my bumpy legs. I am still using it today as I like the firmness of my legs and new sexy butt. However, I wanted more than what I had. I really wanted to get very sexy legs and butt. I wanted my husbands jaw to drop when he sees me in my night time clothes. I now have a few exercises I now use to firm and tone my legs. To find out more about exercises to help eliminate cellulite, check out the cellulite exercise part of my bog. I have two secret butt shaping short and sweet workouts to share with you.

Cellulite Diet

Even though exercise and cellulite cream did wonders I still had a little water weight in my legs. My cellulite was completely gone and my butt was firm and legs tone. My husband was going coo-coo over it. I still wanted more. That is why I found and am living a cellulite diet. I am eating very healthy and my body is has lost its water weight. My legs are now looking sexier than ever. I have it all thank you to my diet. You can find out more about my cellulite diet here.

Cellulite Treatment

Through out this introduction to my  blog I have stated many of my experiences with cellulite treatments. They have included

  • Creams
  • Exercises
  • Diets

My writings included my emotional issues with the disgusting bumps on the back of my legs and butt. I hope my experiences with types of treatments will inspire you to do something about your cellulite. To find more about different cellulite treatments please check out that area in my blog which includes exercises, cream, and diet.  Of course, it all started with the cream I now use.  Get the free trial of cream here.

Anti Cellulite Cream

Anti CelluliteWhen my friend told me about the cellulite cream she used, I was a little nervous at first. I did see for myself it worked on her. I also had and still have amazing results from the cream. I could not ask for anything more. If you would like to find out more about the anti cellulite cream, you may go to the cellulite cream part of the blog or directly to the page that you can order it from. I hope you get the results I worked so hard to get.

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